Great Food,
Great People!
Interested in owning an Italo’s Pizza Franchise?

Are you interested in opening an Italo’s franchise? Our concept is simple: great pizza and other Italian food products and involving great people. That’s it!

Currently, Italo’s Pizza consists of 5 franchises and 2 company owned shops. We take great care in choosing Franchisees! All Italo’s Pizza shops are operated day to day by the people who own them. Prospective Franchisees must undergo intensive training and adhere to our secret recipes!

The secret of success

It’s about offering a great pizza and other Italian food products and involving great people, that is what Italo Ventura thinks about the Italo’s Pizza concept.

Italo’s Pizza consists of 5 Franchises and 2 company owned shops. Italo Ventura takes great care in choosing his Franchisees. Italo Ventura does not like to do things through the mail or phone, he likes to meet the prospective franchisees and go over the franchise agreement explaining the entire program because there are some very important business decisions and commitments to make.

All Italo’s Pizza shops are operated day to day by the people who own them. A promise of daily operations is not enough. The prospective franchisee must go through an intensive month of training at our main store on Middlebranch Rd in Canton, Ohio. Italo Ventura and James Ventura train the new franchisee in every aspect of the operation, with the help of some senior employees, and will assist them for 2 weeks at the time of the store opening.

Consistency is one of the most important features of an Italo’s Pizza Franchise. Spices for pizza and spaghetti and chicken is packaged and prepared specifically for Italo’s Pizza and they are sold to you to be mixed for a final product according to our secret recipes and distributed to you as needed. Printed bags must be used with our logo and coupons and will be sold to you as needed.

We will assist you in site locations, remodeling, equipment purchase and suggestions, layout, promoting, advertising and printing needs.

Italo’s Franchise Concept!

 – Full size menu 

 – Requires 1500-2500 Square Feet of Space.

 – Requires a total investment package ranging from $200,000 with used or new equipment.

– One time Franchise fee of $20,000 and 5% monthly Royalties.

– Term of Franchise Agreement is 20 years.

– Working Capital of about $15,000 besides total investment is recommended.

– Personal Financial Statement and resume are required.

– Italo’s Pizza Shop does not provide any financing.

A full service pizza restaurant offering your customers the total Italo’s food experience. Naturally, the centerpiece of your menu will be your award-winning pizza. In addition, your customers can choose from an extensive menu of homemade Italian favorites including many unique and mouthwatering dishes such as Spaghetti, Baked Lasagna, Rigatoni, Veal Parmesan, Calzoni, Chicken and Wedge Potatoes plus a complete line of Oven Baked Subs- Meatball, Hot Sausage and Pizza (Italo’s own creation).

Your restaurant’s size is approximately 1,500 to 2,500 square feet with seating. An old world atmosphere will delight your customers as they enjoy foods created with care.

Italo’s Pizza Shop, Inc., established March 12, 1966 at 3560 Middlebranch Rd. NE, Canton, OH 44705.

Name and Logo Trademark was registered in the state of Ohio on March 29, 1971.
Name and Logo Trademark was registered in the state of West Virginia on May 27, 1982.

Italo’s Pizza began franchising in 1975.